Organizing Your Digital Photos

Are your digital photos just dumped into a single file on your computer? How do you organize them so you can find them at a later time? There are several ways you can do this.

    First, you can just leave them under the download date suggested by your camera. I must admit that most of my photos are stored just this way. However, it does take me time to sort through them to find the ones I want to use for a particular project. Sometimes I can remember the download date but that usually occurs after I have scrolled through them several times.

    Another way is to organize them by the event and either label each one with the event or move them into a separate file with the event label.

    A third way is to file your photos by the person in the photo. This works well when you have just one subject in the photo but you would have to multiple copies of the photo if you have multiple subjects.

    Figure out a system that works best for you and then work it! Take the time when you download a photo to give it a descriptive name rather than leaving it labeled DSC041 as an example. I'd love for you to leave a comment and share your photo organization if you have one.

    Happy scrapping,


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