…sitting down in a brand new car. Can you smell that new car smell? Can you see the pristine interior unmarred with dust, dirt, and clutter? Can you feel the excitement as you start the engine and drive off on a test drive? Now can you imagine that the new car is your new car? I had that experience this summer and the $300 I plan to earn from my Stampin' Up! business will help cover the expense of the car payments. Here is a picture of why I am doing business:

Sue's reason for doing busines 

Now, how about you? What would you do with an extra $300 a month? Can you imagine yourself finally realizing that dream? A good goal for a beginning Stampin' Up! demonstrator is to make $300 per month. But building a business to meet that goal is just the beginning. As you are building your business, you are building great friends, having fun at your job, and sharing in the excitement of others discovering their creativity. But there's more….Stampin' Up! rewards your hard work with incentive trips, cash awards, and free stamps. If earning extra money while having fun, contact me for more information about the Stampin' Up! business opportunity.



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