Oct 2 is National Card Making Day

Imagine you are in the middle of a desolate place in Iraq or Afghanistan. You miss your family so much and would love to send them a card to let them know how much you think about them. So you go to the exchange in the military base and find only two choices of cards. Neither one suits the feelings you want to send. Discouraged, you leave, even more depressed. But…wait….there are cards in the chapel that have been donated from stampers back home. There are a variety of cards…birthday cards…Thanksgiving cards…Thinking of You cards…Love You cards….and Christmas cards…that have not been used and are free for the taking. You carefully select a card and your spirits are lifted because someone back home cared enough to make these cards.

October 2 is National Card Making Day and I am going to hold a free stamp camp where we will make a variety of cards to send to From Our Hearts who will then send the cards to the military overseas. It will be held in the Presbyterian Church of Craig and Klawock from 10 AM until 4 PM. Bring a salad to share for lunch and your own adhesive. Those of you who do not live on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska can join in the fun by making cards at home and mailing them to From Our Hearts. Email me with the total cards you have made and your snail mail address and I will send you a Thank You card. Let's see how many cards we can make for this great cause.



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