Simply Adorned Swap

Here are the inserts for the 1" x 1 1/2" charm that I received back from a swap Michelle Deslandes hosted. Unfortunately, the insert from Mei Ling Stevens mysteriously disappeared as I was preparing to take a picture of all the inserts. I guess it is camera shy…LOL! It is driving me crazy because I can't find it! I am going ahead and posting the rest of the inserts anyway. When I find Mei Ling's, I will share it on a separate post.There are a couple inserts that arrived without names. If either of them is your's, please post a comment so I can thank you for participating.

Have I enticed you to buy the Simply Adorned chain and a charm yet? I love mine and get so many nice comments about it. You know you need one! Place your order here. Thanks for coming by to visit. Do come back again soon.

UDI Simply Adorned insert swa[copy

Of course as soon as I uploaded the above picture of all the swap inserts, I found Mei Ling's insert lying on the kitchen floor! How it got there is a mystery to me. So here it is:

Mei Ling's insert copy


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