Thursday Tip

Some of you may already know this but for you who are newer to the rubber stamping craft, I have a great tip for you. You may have wished you could heat emboss a certain color ink with clear embossing powder to give your image a shine but you don't have craft ink in that color. Or you may have wanted to stamp an image and then brayer or sponge a background behind it but again don't have craft ink in the color you want to use. In this case you need to heat emboss the image with clear embossing powder to protect the image from being covered with the other color of ink.

What you can do is to first ink your stamp with Versamark ink and then with the desired color of classic ink. Then stamp on your paper, pour clear embossing powder over the image, and heat it with your heat tool. You must remember though to wash the stamp off before using the Versamark again or you will contaminate your Versamark pad. I hope this tip is helpful and sparks a burst of creative inspiration for you. Thanks for visiting my blog today and come back again soon.



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