Scraps, Scraps Everywhere!

Do you have card stock and scrapbook paper scraps coming out your ears? Are you like me and save every scrap because it will come in handy for punching out a flower or butterfly? Do you wish you had a system for dealing with all these scraps other than throwing all of them away and never saving any at all?

I finally loosely organized all my scraps. I have a small tub sitting by my

Stampin' Up! tabletop paper cutter where I place my scraps as soon as they have been cut. Periodically I go through these scraps and file them in a more permanent place. Here is a picture of this tub. It looks like it is overdue to be sorted!!!

Scrap bin by table top cutter











When I sort these scraps I put the true scraps into Craft Keepers by color category: yellow/orange, blues, greens…etc. I also have a craft keeper for metallic cardstock, backgrounds, and preprinted papers. These Craft Keepers are in a crate under my stamping table so they are close at hand. Here is a view of these craft keepers.

Scrap files











As I am cutting card stock, I try to leave portions of the sheet in 1/2  or 1/4 sheet sizes. I store these in the containers shown below.

Half and quarter sheet storage











There are many other ways to store your scraps but these seem to work pretty well for me. I hope this discussion is helpful to you. I'd be delighted for you to describe your way of storing scraps in a comment below.

Happy Holiday Stamping,


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