Try, try, and Try Again!

A-christmas-carol One of the most loved stories at Christmas is Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It was first published on Dec 19, 1843. But there are several other Christmas stories he wrote that you have probably never heard of like What Christmas is as We Grow Older, The Wreck of the Golden Mary, and Mugsby Junction. Charles Dickens wrote Christmas stories annually for over 35 years but A Christmas Carol, which was written in the middle of those 35 years, is the only one most people know and treasure. Dickens just continued to work at his story writing faithfully and finally one of those Christmas stories became a legend. If he had given up after the first few stories, we would not have A Christmas Carol to enjoy each year.

What does this have to do with stamping you ask? Sometimes we have to try and try again to release our creative side. What is nice about rubber stamping is that the art work is all done for us. All we have to do is ink the stamp and then put it to paper. Our creative expression is in how we use those stamps. So if you are struggling with your stamping right now, take heart! Just keep on keeping on and, with time, that creative genius will show its face. I am always here to help you as well. Don't hesitate to email me with your questions or even post them in the comment sections of my blogs. I will be sure to respond to you.

Happy Holiday Stamping,


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