New Foam Stamp Pads are Excellent!

With the new 2012-2013 Stampin' Up! catalog, Stampin' Up! introduced firm foam stamp pads. The above pictures show what they look like. Since Stampin' Up! is in several countries now using several languages, the labels for the stamp pads are printed labels which you peel off the bottom and place on the end of the stamp pad where you open the pad. I love this feature rather than having no name on the end. Notice how smooth the surface of the stamp pad is. There is no linen fabric to leave the pattern of the weave on your stamped image nor are there threads fray. All you need is a light tap to get a perfect image. You need to know that Basic Black does not dry well on Whisper White and Very Vanilla card stock. Stampin' Up! recommends using black Stazon ink for those two colors of card stock. It dries rapidly and is also perfect for watercoloring or coloring images with blender pens.

Here are a few Q & As you will need to know:

Q: Why did we switch from felt pads to firm foam pads?

A: We have worked very hard to improve the functionality of our Classic Stampin’ Pads. The firm foam allows for better ink coverage; plus it stays juicer and lasts longer.

Q: Do old Classic Stampin’ Ink Refills work with the new firm foam pads?
A: Yes, with the exception of Basic Black, Basic Gray, Marina Mist, Perfect Plum, and Tempting Turquoise, which have been reformulated to work with the new foam pad material. We do not recommend using old ink refills in these colors with the new firm foam pads.

Q: Before I use my firm foam pad, do I need to tap it and massage the ink around?
A:  No. The firm foam pads are ready for use immediately. The best stamping technique with the firm foam pad is light tapping.

Q: My pad is too wet. What should I do?
A: The closer to the manufacture date, the juicer the pad will be. As the pad ages, this problem will fade. In the meantime, very light tapping will reduce the extra ink on the stamp. You can also use a paper towel to blot the area of the stamp pad that you will be using.

Q: The firm foam on my lighter color pads looks blotchy. Is this normal?
A: Yes. The blotchiness is caused by the characteristics of the pad material. It does not affect the stamped image.

Q: How long will the pad last before I need to re-ink it?
A: The amount you use it will affect how often you need to re-ink. Please keep in mind that these pads release a lot more ink onto your stamp, resulting in a crisp, solid image. Since the pads release more ink, they will need to be refilled more often.

Additional features of the new stamp pads are:

  • The firm foam is nice and flat and will not become wavy.
  • The firm foam material does not imprint on the stamp images like the felt pad sometimes did. However, because the firm foam material is a foam base material, the stamp image can momentarily leave an imprint on the pad, which can transfer to a second stamped image. By inking your stamp on different areas of the pad or waiting momentarily for the ink to rise back to the top, you can easily avoid this situation.
  • The firm foam material is soft and has a nice bounce to it. It’s not hard like the felt is.
  • The ink lay-down (how the ink is absorbed into the card stock) is even, not blotchy, and dries quickly. It has an increased opacity and stamps solid images beautifully.
  • Please note: We do not recommend using the Basic Black Classic Stampin' Pad on Whisper White or Very Vanilla Card Stock. Instead, we recommend you use the StazOn Ink Pad.

I know that some of you have received the new stamp pads with your recent orders. I just wanted to share this information with you so you would understand more about the pads. I know you will love them as much as I do. The old style stamp pads are still perfectly fine to use so you don't need to throw them all away and get the new ones. If you want to switch over, that is fine. I suggest you do it by purchasing a color family at a time. The Stampin' Spots are still the linen covered style.

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