Another Wherever You Go Framed Art

Wherever Rose wall artSupplies: MDS2+ (130646), MDS2 (130644), MDS2 upgrade (130650), or 30-day FREE trial of MDS2 (130910); Wherever You Go stamp brush set (131514), square punch from Punch Shapes (118853)

Here is another of the sayings from Wherever You Go stamp brush set. I can see using this stamp with a photo collage of a student's first day of school pictures enlarged to a poster with this particular saying overlayed on the collage to give to a graduating senior from high school or pictures of various places the student went. What possibilities can you think up? Share them in a comment. Whatever the theme, using MDS2 to add this stamp brush set to a photo makes easy but beautiful wall art. Consider making a few, sending them off to our professional printer and then framing them for Christmas presents.

Until next time…blessings,

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