International Literacy Day

Family reading

Since today is Inational Literacy Day, I am going to speak on a different subject than rubber stamping. Literacy is so important and opens wide a world of possibilities to those who are literate.

One thing parents can do to help their children be literate is to have the printed word in the home and for children to see their parents reading the printed word. In our society today with so much audio access to learning and entertainment, it is especially important for children to see you using the printed word.

A second thing to enhance literacy in children is to read to them even when they are in the upper elementary grades and even into middle school. The time spent reading to your children also is time together. I love reading children's books and reading them to children. I think my favorite author to read is Dr. Seuss! I love the rhythm and alliteration of his writings. So do the kids. His nonsense themes strike a chord in children of all ages. I teach children who are dyslexic and a big part of the program we use is to have them read nonsense words. After working with nonsense words for 7+ years, I have become a proficient Dr. Seuss reader…LOL! His nonsense words just roll of my tongue!

Do you have a book you love to read over and over again? Leave a comment telling us the book's title and why you like it so much.

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