My Digital Studio Monday – Video At Last

J&C's Anniversary card-001
A couple weeks ago I shared this card and said I would make a video showing some shortcuts I used in making the card. Check the blog post here for the details of the card. I finally finished the video tutorial! Wahoo! This is only my second video so I still have a lot of 'uhs' and 'ummms', sorry. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

Thanks for watching it and for visiting My Digital Craft Corner today. Do come back tomorrow to see what new downloads Stampin' Up! has for MDS2.

Until next time…blessings,

One thought on “My Digital Studio Monday – Video At Last

  1. Dorothy

    Video is well done. I had figured most of it out before. I had to open MDS2+ to make sure of something. In computing there is often more than one one way to do the same thing. I thought you were wrong….you aren’t and neither am I. I have always used the control key to align. Just checked and either of them, shift or control work on a PC. Don’t know about the Mac.
    Your #1 commentor.


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