Why Use Stampin’ Up!’s Professional Printer


Did you know that you can electronically send your MDS2 projects in to a professionals printer whose inks are adjusted to the very same RGB formulas as Stampin' Up!'s inks?

The process is fairly easy. Once you have all the elements exactly as you want them, you go to the Project pulldown menu and then click on 'order'. It will give you the options available to you. If you have created a card, then only the card option comes up. If it is a scrapbook page, you can choose between photobook and single page. With the single page option, you can order in increments of 1 but must have a minimum of 5 pages. Standard single pages are printed on glossy paper that is slightly lighter weight than Whisper White card stock so it can slip into page protectors easily. You can also choose heavy paper for single pages. This paper is a little heavier than Stampin' Up! card stock.

By sending your projects off to Stampin' Up!'s professional printer, you are guaranteed that the colors are true colors. This is a benefit because you can then add ribbons, additional punched elements, and embellishments to your printed project and they will matche what is on the page. Do you like 12 x 12" scrapbook pages but don't have a printer that can print that size paper? Then using the professional printer is your answer. Do you find that your printer can only handle Whisper White paper and sometimes not even that? Then using the professional printer is your answer. Have you taken your projects on a flash drive to one of the quick print places and the color was too greenish or too blue? Then using the professional printer is your answer. So you have created a card for someone and your printer is just not doing the job. For less than the cost of a cheap card in a Hallmark Store, you can get that card printed at Stampin' Up!'s professional printer.

I think you get the picture. For professional results, send in your projects to Stampin' Up!'s professional printer. It takes 2-3 days for the project to be printed and then Stampin' Up!'s normal shipping times. No you can't get instant printing like you can at home but the results are well worth the wait. So give it a try.

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