The Packing Begins

stamp collection

My stamp collection

A week from today we have to be out of the school trailer with all our ‘stuff’ packed up to take with us on our long road trip or to be put into another storage unit. (All our household goods have been in storage since we sold our house last year.)Unfortunately, this packing up includes my stamping space…sob, sob! I have been mulling over…actually arguing with myself…as to which stamp sets I absolutely must take with me on our road trip and what absolutely needs to go into storage. Neither side has been able to convince the other to give.

Today I was having a conversation with my business coach who suggested I take the negative space rubber (the rubber that is left over when you take the stamps out) out of the cases and put two or three sets into the same case. I ended up putting one stamp set with its negative rubber on one side of the case and another stamp set on the other side. I think the surfaces of the rubber stamps touch each other when the case is closed but they don’t have pressure against each other so I think they will be fine. This allowed me to really condense the amount of space taken up by the stamp cases. Yay! Besides that, when my hubby comes into my stamp room he won’t see as many stamp sets on the shelf and won’t realize that I actually have double that amount…hehehe! I’ll post pictures of what the stamp sets look like in the cases later this week.

stamps after consolidation

stamps after consolidation

In conjunction with us starting our road trip and being on the go, I am excited to bring you the Soggy Stamper Club to Go. This is the perfect stamping club for you if you a. don’t have time to go to a regular stamp club; b. can only find time to stamp after the kids are sleeping; or c. you live in an area where there are few stampers, no demonstrator, and no craft stores. With the Soggy Stamper Club to Go, you place an order through my online store for $35 or more by the 10th of each month. Then I send you a link to a 20-30 minute video of an exclusive class just for my Club to Go members. Check it out with more information here.

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