Terrific Tuesday – Truly Grateful

Truly Grateful

Today is another Terrific Tuesday! Well, sort of. Digitally wise it is great because we get new downloads. You can view and order them here. I have been eying the Truly Grateful stamp set in the Holiday catalog trying to decide if I would use it enough to justify purchasing it. Now it is available in digital form. Yay! I discovered that the stamps are strictly line stamps and to not have the background show through, I placed punches behind the images. The theme of the card is Grateful for… and I added the ‘You’ because I am indeed truly grateful for you, my faithful readers.

The thing that makes the day less than terrific is that my darling little dachies were attacked by a couple of big dogs that should have been on leashes or chained up and weren’t. I didn’t see them until they were on top of the pups. Little One got bit, got loose from her collar and high-tailed it out of there. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to find her but she was waiting at the steps of our trailer when Scout and I got back. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the vet getting her checked out. She is going to be fine but is really sore tonight. I feel so sorry for her. However, I am truly grateful that she wasn’t seriously injured.

Now that you have read this blog post, leave a comment below about what you are truly grateful for. We might as well get practiced up on being grateful before Thanksgiving. :o)


MDS software digital download (130646), MDS software disc (130647), or 30-day Free Trial of MDS (130910)

Stamp brush sets – Truly Grateful (134928), Natural Composition Overlays – 9 (130855)

Other – 1.25 square punch, circle punch (come with MDS), Early Espresso 1/4″ Grosgrain ribbon (118851) and Early Espresso 1/4″ Grograin Ribbon knot (118852)

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