The Leaning Tower of Storage

Stamp Room Storage

Love my leaning tower? When the packers took apart my wire cubes, they separated the connectors from the cubes. Who knows in what box still packed they might be in! So I improvised with zip ties. After spending the best part of a day constructing my storage tower, I was really proud of my work. Then I started putting things in it! Oh my…I know this won’t work. Today we went to Lowes and purchased a tall cabinet with doors and 5 shelves. That will be much better! The middle of my stamp room is finally empty of boxes but there is stuff stacked all around the perimeter still. Once we get the cabinet put together, I’ll work on stashing my stash. At least I was able to get to my desk yesterday to stamp 15 tags for the Creative Stamping Friends Christmas ABC tag swap.

Don’t forget to check my blog post next Tuesday for the details of my Balck Friday/Cyber Monday special!

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