Just Announced – New Photopolymer Stamp Sets

Stampin’ Up! just released two new photopolymer stamp sets today, Countless Sayings 1 (135892) and Countless Sayings 2 ( 135893)

If you are not familiar with Stampin’ Up!’s photopolymer stamps, let me tell you a little about them. Photopolymer is a synthetic substance the acts like rummer but it totally clear. You may have seen and used clear stamps before. Some people are totally sold on them because you can see exactly how much ink is on them and exactly where they will stamp. However some brands give a slightly fuzzy image, some age and crack or turn yellow over time, and many brands stain badly. This causes many stampers to have nothing to do with clear stamps.

Stampin’ Up! researched countless photopolymer products and spent years testing various formulas until they found a type of photopolymer that met their high standards. They have come up with a great line of photopolymer stamps. The images in this line are generally smaller and designed to be placed together on a block to create endless designs. Here are some reasons Stampin’ Up! gives for why their photopolymer stamps are the best:

  • They’re entirely transparent for perfect placement every time!
  • They are durable. The photopolymer material is designed to last.
  • Can you say sticky? (Don’t worry; in a good way.) These stamps stick amazingly well to our clear blocks.
  • They’re age tested. They won’t yellow or cloud up over time.

Check them out and then order them here.

Countless Sayings 1 & 2 photopolymer stamps

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