Isn’t it still Tuesday?

Sorry I didn’t get a blog post done yesterday. I really have no excuse other than I am a professional procrastinator! I sure wish I could get paid for all my experience in that professions…LOL!

On Monday, I shared this blog post and told you all that I would share your scrapbook pages using the technique on my blog if you emailed me a photo of the page. The offer still stands. Dorothy Cordes shared this one with me. I love the view of her backyard covered with a glistening blanket of snow.

Split photo scrapbooking techniqueI had planned to also share a scrapbook page with a photo spread over an arrangement of squares. As often happens, the creative process takes over and the end result is nothing like my beginning idea. Here is what I ended up with. Tomorrow’s post will tell you how to do this.

scrapbook page using digital spotlight technique

Although I am a day late, I still want to share the new Weekly Deals that came out yesterday. Here they are. Click on the photo to go to my online store to order them.

Weekly Stampin' Up! Deals for 1-14-14

Tuesdays are still terrific due to our new digital downloads for MDS. Here are this week’s downloads. Again, click on the image to go to my online store.

New MDS downloads for 1-14-14

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