How Will You Spend It?

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Are you one of the thousands of taxpayers who is getting a refund? What are you planning on doing with that refund? Do you have a plan or will it just be put into the general funds and get spent bit by bit until it is gone?

I have a better suggestion! Why not invest a portion of the refund in yourself and start your own paper crafting business. For about $200 of that tax refund you can change your future. Here are some benefits of owning your own business when you join me and my team of Stampin’ Up! demonstrators:

  • My focus will be to provide you with the resources and training necessary to build a successful business.
  • Flexibility to work around family commitments since you decide how much you will pay yourself and how much time you will work your business.
  • Tax deductions by owning your own business
  • Wealth of expert training from me. The Stampin’ Up! demonstrator support team is another valuable resource.
  • Long-lasting relationships and friendships with customers and fellow demonstrators.
  • Recognition and ability to win awards for your efforts.
  • My unique, warm, and caring guidance and support.

Ready to invest in yourself? Contact me or click here for more information. I would love to have conversations with you about how I can help you achieve your goals through owning your own paper-crafting business.



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