MDS Monday – Project Life by Stampin’ Up! Style

Whoosh…what a chore it was to finish this Project Life style scrapbook page! I kept getting java error messages but with perseverance I was able to work in spite of the error messages. I finally checked for page errors and found that I had a corrupt file for one of the embellishments. I had deleted the embellishment but the layer it was in didn’t delete. I finally started all over again with a new project and stayed away from that embellishment. I had no trouble the second time.

Here is the sketch:

Project Life style sketch for MDS Monday Challenge 80And here is my page:

digital scrapbook page Project Life style for MDS Monday Challenge 80Here are the downloads I used:

Click on the images to see what the downloads include and to order them. Now it is your turn to create a page following the sketch in general. Have fun and then upload it here.




9 thoughts on “MDS Monday – Project Life by Stampin’ Up! Style

  1. Tami Hewlett

    Sue, I’m so glad you got this completed, but so sorry you had to go through so much trouble! It was worth it though, because your page looks fantastic. Great photos and a great idea to compare first days over three years.

  2. Anita Krul

    Sue, you’ve definitely got some great looking kids there…. and they look like great kids too! I love that you compared three first days of school… it works perfectly! Glad you got your troubles with MDS figured out! Thanks for playing along at MDS Monday!

  3. Sue Post author

    Thanks, Yapha! Our daughter-in-law is the one to thank for taking these pictures and posting them on FaceBook so I can snag them. It is fun to see how the kids change from year to year.

  4. Sue Post author

    Thanks, Heidi! I’m grateful to our DIL who takes these annual pictures and posts them on FB so I can snag them for myself.


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